Compliance, Induction, Reporting, Training
CHD Partners marquee Work, Health and Safety product is C.I.R.T. Compliance, Induction, Reporting, Training. Our C.I.R.T system enables our clients to have each of these elements in one simple to use, online portal. Specifically designed to meet your Business needs and individualised to with your Business logo, C.I.R.T is the future of W.H.S compliance.
Our C.I.R.T systems provides a compliance solution to every Business regardless of size and type. The C.I.R.T system offers Business the best of face to face visits from our compliance team, coupled with a fully integrated online portal system.
Every Business regardless of size and structure has a legal obligation to do "everything reasonably practicable" to ensure a safe place of work. This legal obligation has presented challenges for many Businesses, particularly to Small and Medium enterprises. CHD Partners C.I.R.T system becomes your own WHS advisory tool and our compliance team your on the ground WHS Officer. 
C.I.R.T is truly innovative, practical and cost effective solution to your W.H.S compliance obligations.

If you are ready to become compliant, develop stronger employees and have a managed, streamlined induction process, then C.I.R.T is for you. The C.I.R.T system can be as detailed or as simple as you wish for your Business, after all it is your Business, why purchase something that has a “one size fits all” philosophy?